Sunday of London

Sunday of London handcraft Botanical candles that bring an ethereal sense of balance and tranquillity to your home, harnessing the essence of nature that can often get lost within a busy lifestyle. Their diffusers are expertly handcrafted and housed in UK made apothecary glassware - all their pieces are made in London.


Every aspect of their candles, diffusers et al. are formulated with your wellbeing in mind, eliminating any semblance of synthetic perfume or paraffin within their collections. All of their products are also environmentally friendly and vegan, handcrafted and housed in apothecary jars, which are produced in the UK. Additionally, they use GMO-free coconut and palm-free plant waxes, as well as pure cotton wicks and generous doses of our uniquely formulated aromatherapy-grade, essential oil blends. 

There is no part of their candle range that is produced en mass in a labour saving country at a low cost. Everything they use is carefully sourced, local and most importantly natural. 

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