Slim Aarons

Over the course of a career lasting half a century, George ‘Slim' Aarons captured a golden age of wealth, privilege, beauty and leisure. He portrayed the high society, socialites, authors, artists, and the iconic midcentury elite doing what they look best doing: lounging, relaxing, vacationing in exotic locations.  In Aaron’s own words, his photographs celebrate ‘attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places’.


Initially a World War II photographer, Aarons returned from combat eager to snap ‘attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places’. He quickly established himself working for the leading magazines of his era: LifeHolidayTown & CountryVogueHarper’s Bazaar and Travel & Leisure amongst others. Working without stylists or elaborate lighting, and preferring to photograph the world’s glitterati in their own clothes and surroundings, Aarons captured the transatlantic Dolce Vita like no other: intimately and effortlessly, whether in Beverly Hills or Palm Springs, Capri or the French Riviera.



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