The Hackney Emporium - About Us


The Hackney Emporium

The Hackney Emporium is the antithesis of the High Street. It is not driven by fleeting trends, nor by profit. Rather, we understand that objects give meaning and expression to our lives. We want to create a dialogue between you and the maker. We would like to ignite your sense of curiosity. Our mission is to give value back to the object.

So, we have sought designers and makers and creators from the arts, design, photography, literature, food, drink and culture. We have curated a space with no natural order, no logic in the commercial world. Everything you see here - from the furniture to the books and objets d’art - are personally collected by us to excite, inspire, intrigue and energise your imagination.

Pop by our Hackney, east London home and discover inventive designers, skilled artisans, passionate makers. Browse the bookshelves, learn of new authors, buy unique objects, exclusive barware, rare artwork and photography. Join in the conversation, hear engaging talks on creativity, food, life.

The Hackney Emporium is passion project - an exploration to find objects made by fascinating individuals with a unique voice. This space is curated to satisfy your inner pleasure principle. The Hackney Emporium is channelling the spirit of our times. 



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